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New Zealand Nucs Update

Well, the New Zealand nucs have been building up over the past few weeks and this week they were given a health check by FERA.      Now that they have been given the all clear, we can start arranging for the bees to be handed over to their new keepers.    If you are awaiting a colony from us, expect us to be in touch very shortly…..

New Zealand Nucs In May
New Zealand Nucs In May having an inspection done.

New Zealand Nucs Building Up

Well, after the packages arrived in, we set to work transferring the bees into the polystyrene nuc hives.     With some TLC they’ll soon draw out the new combs and establish themselves as a strong, healthy colony. 

New Zealand Nucs
Some of the New Zealand packages building up in our Poly Nuc Hives

Even with the temperature drop over the last few days, the bees are still taking advantage of any breaks in the cloud to enjoy the warmth of the Spring Sun.