Booking in your Overwintered Bees – 11th April

We are currently booking in collections and deliveries for the overwintered bees.   You should have received an email within the last few days, just reply back with your requested date.    The first ‘Bee Week’ is booked up with over 400 colonies due to go within the first week to new their new owners, so we are booking for the 2nd bee week period at the moment.    If you have ordered overwintered bees and need to book your bees in, email us to book in.

We still have bees available which are due to be ready end of May so if you need any, get your order in quickly:  

We will be booking package bees in shortly for end of May – if you have order packages, expect an email soon.

Overwintered Bees Update – 22nd March

Well, what a difference this season is compared to last year.   We had Supers filling up on the hives by the end of March 2017, this year so far we have yet to even do a full inspection on the hives.   We’ve escaped the worst of the snow that hit the rest of the UK but temperatures have been bitterly cold and there has been little activity from the hives.   However, things are starting to look up, peaking underneath the crownboards, we can see bees are starting to expand and the weather (dare i say it) seems to be getting better now.

Looking forward, we have penciled in collections/deliveries for the first ‘bee week’, between 30th April till 12th May   This should give us time to get the nucs and full colonies cleaned and checked over ready for everyone.   We’ll contact everyone around beginning of April to arrange which day they would like to book in.    I don’t want to start booking in too early incase weather delays us but i’m quietly sure of the dates.   We’ll contact you via Email or Phone call.

Packages – If you have ordered package bees, they are due in May and we’ll contact you end of April to arrange collection of those.

Final Week of Poly Sale

Final week left of our poly hive sale so ideal time to stock up on any extra equipment that you need ready for next year (or even this year, our poly crownboards are great for feeding fondant over the Winter).   Not only are you saving now but poly prices are due to rise after the sale too as the cost of the polystyrene material has increased this year so they are the best price they will ever be.nuc1_small


A good day inspecting the hives. Plenty of pollen stores in the hives, Brood & eggs have increased over the past couple of weeks and it looks like more is planned over the next few…..

2016-04-05 13.45.16-2

Storm damage

After howling winds last night, it meant only one thing – time to check the apiaries.    Good job we did as this early morning visit found this disheartening sight.
2016-03-28 09.04.54