Update Status – 2nd May

Wow, its been a busy month so thought we should update the blog for those of you asking what current situations are.

Hassocks Store – Remains closed but we are fully open for online orders via website. We are taking orders via telephone but there may be long delays as we are running on limited staff at the moment so online orders are prefered.


Overwintered Bees
– we have almost completed all overwintered bee orders, only a few left which should be getting contacted within the next week. Thank you for your patience over the past few weeks.

Package orders – are due to be ready mid to end of May. We will contact you shortly with details to book you in. We are planning on delivering directly to your door like the overwintered nucs although if you are too far for us to delivery, collections will be available.

Summertime nucs – They are starting to become ready. We’ve had huge demand for bees this year so we’ll need to dispatch in the order they were ordered. We’ll start to email people over the next few weeks but do bear with us as this is likely to take most of May and June to get through the orders, and into July.

NEW BEE ORDERS – we are still taking orders for bees however all new orders won’t be ready until June/July. Posting nucs is possible, we are also planning on delivering locally if lockdown is still in place.

Stay Safe!