Latest Status Update – 1st April

Our ‘brick and mortar’ store is closed to public however we are still dispatching all online and telephone call orders within a few days. We appreciate this isn’t always convenient but we thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.


We are still getting lots of emails/phonecalls about the situation with their bee orders. Currently our shop is still on lockdown and we are avoiding unnecessary contact. Because of this we are not going to be arranging bee collections for the time being, however we will be delivering your bees directly to your door to those who live within a certain distance. This will take a few weeks (all of April i expect) to happen and unfortunately we won’t be able to be that flexible with delivery dates. We will need to make sure all payments are paid in full and the required social distancing will need to be adhered to. Any other equipment you need can also be delivered at the same time if paid up front. We will email over instructions of what to do with the bees when you get them, however the delivery driver will NOT be able to offer doorstep advice so please make sure any questions are asked Beforehand or after the dropoff.

We will start with the most local of deliveries, working our way out further and further. Please expect an email over the next few weeks while we start scheduling people in.

We appreciate this may not be the most ideal solution and certainly not what any of us expected. We are just as keen to get the bees to you as you will be to receive them and hope this setup works for all parties.