20th Feb – Moving ahead for 2019

This year is going to be very exciting for us at Paynes Beefarm and we want to share with you our plans for the future, but first a little history.

Paynes was started in 1922 so we are not far off our 100 year anniversary. Over the years we’ve expanded and grown in all aspects of the business and we’ve always taken the business wherever demand has taken us. We’ve seen ourselves grow from around 500 hives to 1500 hives. We’ve expanded our range of honey and beeswax based products – along with other nice goodies. We also become one of the largest equipment suppliers in the UK for beekeepers. However, our love still remains with our roots of the business – being Beefarmers, and we’ve found that as we’ve expanded the business its given us less time with our own bees.

So where does that leave us – Don’t worry we are not going anywhere but over the next few years we’ll be focusing on a few key areas and taking Paynes in that direction:

Beekeeping Equipment – Our poly hives and poly nucs outsell everything else we sell for equipment and we’ve become known for our poly hives . When we introduced poly hives to the mainstream UK beekeeping market, we never realised how far it would take us, from a small local equipment source to one of the largest national suppliers in the UK. So rather than being just another ‘one stop shop’ for everything beekeeping, we will be focusing on poly hives and other important, essential equipment only. This means the range of equipment available online and in our shop is reduced compared to previous years.

Bees & Queens – allowing us more time to do beekeeping will allow us to grow the business more in this area – Giving you more choice in the future!

Honey – giving ourselves more time on the bees will allow us better ‘bee management’ overall which should help with honey crops. We will continue to expand our range in the future so look out for exciting new products coming soon……

By focusing on these key areas, we will be able to put more effort into them and improve our service and products. We are excited about how Paynes has grown over the years, especially over the last 10-15 years and we are looking forward to the next 100 years…….