15th Feb – Bee order update

The weather is beautiful today, temperatures are high (for February) and the bees are busy flying from the hives. The first sunny day of the year normally brings the question ‘I’ve ordered bees from you, when are they ready?’. Not yet is all i can say. The warm weather is great to see and the bees will certainly be taking advantage of it but a lot can happen yet and we are not out of the woods as far as Winter is concerned. We’ve currently penciled our first bee collection week in between 26th April-4th May, however we will officially contact you all closer to the time to arrange with you which actual day you would like, once we know for sure. Please bear with us, we know this is an exciting time for you, especially if it is your first colony of bees, but it is important for us that we ensure the bees are in prime condition before they leave us.