Latest Status Update – 1st April

Our ‘brick and mortar’ store is closed to public however we are still dispatching all online and telephone call orders within a few days. We appreciate this isn’t always convenient but we thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.


We are still getting lots of emails/phonecalls about the situation with their bee orders. Currently our shop is still on lockdown and we are avoiding unnecessary contact. Because of this we are not going to be arranging bee collections for the time being, however we will be delivering your bees directly to your door to those who live within a certain distance. This will take a few weeks (all of April i expect) to happen and unfortunately we won’t be able to be that flexible with delivery dates. We will need to make sure all payments are paid in full and the required social distancing will need to be adhered to. Any other equipment you need can also be delivered at the same time if paid up front. We will email over instructions of what to do with the bees when you get them, however the delivery driver will NOT be able to offer doorstep advice so please make sure any questions are asked Beforehand or after the dropoff.

We will start with the most local of deliveries, working our way out further and further. Please expect an email over the next few weeks while we start scheduling people in.

We appreciate this may not be the most ideal solution and certainly not what any of us expected. We are just as keen to get the bees to you as you will be to receive them and hope this setup works for all parties.


Following on from further government advice and guidance, we have now closed our ‘bricks & mortar store’. We are still able to post out orders which you can order online or via telephone. This will continue until further guidance tells us otherwise.

Bee Collections/deliveries.
We are delaying all bee collections from now on. We will be busy checking and looking after everyones colonies until we are in a situation where it is safe for everyone to travel again.
Due to the extra strain the royal mail service is currently experiencing, we have been advised to hold off on posting nucs to our customers until things have quietened down.

We know this will be a big disappointment to you. Many, i know, have been keen to get started with their bees this Spring. Apologises, but having beekeepers from all over the UK to collect their bees is probably not the best idea at the moment. Don’t worry, the bees are in good hands and will be well looked after 🙂

Bee Collection and COVID-19

I think i should update you with our current situation. As a company, we are still open and taking online and phone orders for delivery. Our shop is open still but is not available for browsing – you will be served from the door. If you know you are coming, it is preferred that you pre-order beforehand so we can get the items ready for you. This setup will continue until further notice or otherwise advised by the government.


Our bee week for collections is still scheduled for 17th April – 24th April (see post below). This, at the time of writing, does seem to be occuring when COVID-19 could be worse still.

We’ve had lots of emails with customers worried about travelling and other possible restrictions in the future and questions of whether they can collect their bees earlier.    We’ve spend the last few days checking the nucs and found some that are very close to being ready but which we are happy to send out if people want to collect them early.

Firstly, you need to understand that they won’t be fully up to strength and won’t meet our ‘specs’.   Ideally, they need another 2-4 weeks to expand before I would normally let them go but I am aware that people are wanting them ASAP in case travel becomes more difficult.     I have many that are 5-6 frames of bees but only around 2-4 frames of brood.  They have plenty of signs of egg laying and expansion has been seen over the past few weeks but they are yet to be bursting from their boxes like some years.   Stores are generally low too as we are still waiting for the Spring flow to start properly so if you do collect them, you are likely to need to feed them fondant for a few weeks or maybe sugar syrup if the weather is warm enough.   They are however, very healthy so you don’t need to worry about that. This is what they are like at the time of writing this, as the days/weeks roll on, bear in mind they will be increasing in size still.

If you would like to collect your bees sooner rather than later, then let me know ASAP.   I jut need a about 72 hrs notice to book you in.     We can also do any Monday to Friday from next week onwards, although Wed/Thur/Fri is preferred.      If you would rather wait until they are properly ready, that’s fine too.   You can either book your day now or come back to me later.

If you would like your nuc delivered, we can do that, just let me know and we can start to arrange that. Please bear in mind that collections will be quicker at the moment than deliveries but bear with us.

Other equipment:   Our shop will be open but we are trying to limit customers in the shop so there is no ‘browsing’.   If you need any other equipment, let me know and we can sort the order and payment out to make sure it is all ready for you to just collect.   This will reduce contact time between people and benefit everyone concerned.    If you are not sure what you need, just ask me but some ideas to think about: A beehive to move the bees into
A Bee Suit
A Smoker & Hive Tool
A block of Fondant for feeding
A Feeder to give the bees some sugar syrup
Sugar Syrup – we have ready made or you can mix your own with white sugar and water.

So ALL YOU NEED TO DO is let me know which day you would like to make your collection.   If you can EMAIL please, as we have 100s of beekeepers to book in and it’s easier and safer for all of us when dates are written down.   I will reply to your email within a few days to confirm everything with you.    If you get an error you can also email me directly via but please include your order number if you know it.


1 – Although you shouldn’t need a beesuit on the day, we would recommend you bring one in your car just in case you need it.
2 – We aim to book everyone on their first choice of day but, if a certain day gets high demand we may need to ask you to choice another day – book your preferred day ASAP to avoid disappointment.
3 – I will supply you with ‘instructions’ so you know what to do with the bees.   This will be before the collection day so you have time to ready it and ask questions if you need to.

Sold out of Overwintered Colonies. Now selling Summertime nucs.

Well, we always try and last as long as possible before selling out but this year has seen big demand for colonies. Therefore, we have now sold out of Overwintered colonies. It does appear to be a later season, especially compared to last year when we had 20 degrees in Febuary. There won’t be any collections for the overwintered nucs in March this year, unfortunately they are just not going to be ready. We are still hoping for April which should be fine as long as we don’t get a ‘beast from the east 2’. We’ll be contacting everyone around the beginning of April to arrange the collection/delivery days.

Any new orders will now be for the Summertime colonies. These are normally ready beginning of June and available until August.

Adjustment to Bee Collection Week

So the weather has remained wet and cold, nothing like the previous year! We have yet to open up any of the colonies to do any sort of inspection so collecting colonies in March is now unlikely. Going forward, we still have the 17th April penciled in so fingers crossed the waether improves before then! Again, we are not taking bookings yet but will contact you closer to the time when we know for sure.

Selling out of nucs fast.

we’ve sold out of overwintered langstroth and jumbo nucs. Any additional orders for nucs on these size of frames are now the summertime nucs which are ready in June. We still have standard overwintered nucs available though but get your order in quickly for them as they are selling fast now too.

Preparing for Bee collections

We are getting alot of questions about when the bees are going to be ready. Although it is too early to say for sure, we have penciled in a few dates. We are not taking any booking yet and we will contact you closer to the time when we know for sure.

Please note that depending on the season and the weather we get over the next 8 weeks these dates, especially the early dates, may need to change.

Queen Bee Pre-Orders

Wow, what happened to the Winter, already we are approaching end of January and we have so much preparation for the new season to go – including over 14,000 frames still to assemble.

Good news though, we are now taking pre-orders for Queens. We should have the first batch arriving in April and then a continious weekly batch arriving. All available online:

End of Bee Order for 2019 – 30th July

All good things must come to an end and for this amazing season for 2019, that time is now. Thank you to all our customers who have purchased bees from us this season.

We will now be busy harvesting our main honey crop over the next few weeks and preparing a few more nucs for overwintering.

Pre-orders for bees will start again shortly for Spring 2020……….

Still dealing with bee orders – 23rd June

Where does the time go, already almost end of June. We have now sold out of langstroth sized nucs and Jumbo sized nucs but we still have plenty of Standard nucs available for pickup throughtout July. We’ve been contacting everyone who has placed orders with us and recontacted those how didn’t reply last time. If you have an order with us, please do get in contact so we can get you booked in for collection.