Bee Order Update – 28th Feb

Another day out checking the bees and things are still looking good, even though the weather next week is looking wetter and colder. We are now starting to book bees in for collection so keep an eye open in your inbox. We have limited availability at the moment so we are contacting you in the same order we’ve received the orders – First come first served. First collections should be from Mid March onwards but as the weather is up and down at the moment we are only booking in bees that we know are going to unaffected by that. This does mean the likelihood is most orders won’t be ready until end of April. Please bear with us and the bees and keep an eye on your inbox (and check your junk folder).

20th Feb – Moving ahead for 2019

This year is going to be very exciting for us at Paynes Beefarm and we want to share with you our plans for the future, but first a little history.

Paynes was started in 1922 so we are not far off our 100 year anniversary. Over the years we’ve expanded and grown in all aspects of the business and we’ve always taken the business wherever demand has taken us. We’ve seen ourselves grow from around 500 hives to 1500 hives. We’ve expanded our range of honey and beeswax based products – along with other nice goodies. We also become one of the largest equipment suppliers in the UK for beekeepers. However, our love still remains with our roots of the business – being Beefarmers, and we’ve found that as we’ve expanded the business its given us less time with our own bees.

So where does that leave us – Don’t worry we are not going anywhere but over the next few years we’ll be focusing on a few key areas and taking Paynes in that direction:

Beekeeping Equipment – Our poly hives and poly nucs outsell everything else we sell for equipment and we’ve become known for our poly hives . When we introduced poly hives to the mainstream UK beekeeping market, we never realised how far it would take us, from a small local equipment source to one of the largest national suppliers in the UK. So rather than being just another ‘one stop shop’ for everything beekeeping, we will be focusing on poly hives and other important, essential equipment only. This means the range of equipment available online and in our shop is reduced compared to previous years.

Bees & Queens – allowing us more time to do beekeeping will allow us to grow the business more in this area – Giving you more choice in the future!

Honey – giving ourselves more time on the bees will allow us better ‘bee management’ overall which should help with honey crops. We will continue to expand our range in the future so look out for exciting new products coming soon……

By focusing on these key areas, we will be able to put more effort into them and improve our service and products. We are excited about how Paynes has grown over the years, especially over the last 10-15 years and we are looking forward to the next 100 years…….

15th Feb – Bee order update

The weather is beautiful today, temperatures are high (for February) and the bees are busy flying from the hives. The first sunny day of the year normally brings the question ‘I’ve ordered bees from you, when are they ready?’. Not yet is all i can say. The warm weather is great to see and the bees will certainly be taking advantage of it but a lot can happen yet and we are not out of the woods as far as Winter is concerned. We’ve currently penciled our first bee collection week in between 26th April-4th May, however we will officially contact you all closer to the time to arrange with you which actual day you would like, once we know for sure. Please bear with us, we know this is an exciting time for you, especially if it is your first colony of bees, but it is important for us that we ensure the bees are in prime condition before they leave us.

Now taking orders for Spring 2019 – Update 25th July

As we appear to have high demand for 2019 season bees already, we have enabled the colonies online for pre-order.  We have Standard nucs, 14×12 nucs, langstroth nucs as well as a range of full hives and packages available too.

All our nucs and colonies are collection only, from Paynes Bee Farm, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9NP.   We are hoping to arrange collection points around the UK to minimise travel time for customers but at the moment please assume it is collection from the shop only.

Remember, if you order a standard nuc before 21st Dec 2018 you will also get a £20 gift voucher to buy in the shop.

End of Bee Sales for 2018 – 27th June

Well, we always have to stop somewhere and today is that day.   No more colonies of bees available for 2018 anymore.   If you have already placed an order with us, you should have had emails/phone calls by now so please contact us ASAP to get your bees booked in.

Queens are still available throughout July and August.

We’ll now be focusing on making colonies for our own purpose and for overwintering the 2019 orders.    With over 800 nucs still to prepare we’ve got a few busy weeks ahead of us.

Pre-orders for 2019 will start September once we know official numbers overwintering.

Summer Nucs Update – 4th June

So the overwintered nucs have been booked in and collected and we are currently working our way through the package bee orders over the next few weeks.   If you have ordered Packages and not heard from us, then drop us an email and we can get you booked in.

We are busy working on Summer Nuc and full colonies and they should be ready throughout July.   We will only be dispatching limited numbers each week and it will depend how quickly they build up.   It is hard to give exact dates at the moment as we enter the ‘June Gap’ so lets hope the nectar flow starts again soon.

Bee collections update – 18th April

Our first Bee Week, between 30th April till 12th May is now fully booked.  Any outstanding orders for overwintered bees are now being booked for 28th May till 2nd June.

We have stopped all overwintered colonies now so we can focus on preparing the current orders over the next few weeks.   This means we are now only dealing with the ‘Summer colonies’ that are ready end of June.

We have also sold out of Package bees now and will be booking those orders in shortly.

Booking in your Overwintered Bees – 11th April

We are currently booking in collections and deliveries for the overwintered bees.   You should have received an email within the last few days, just reply back with your requested date.    The first ‘Bee Week’ is booked up with over 400 colonies due to go within the first week to new their new owners, so we are booking for the 2nd bee week period at the moment.    If you have ordered overwintered bees and need to book your bees in, email us to book in.

We still have bees available which are due to be ready end of May so if you need any, get your order in quickly:  

We will be booking package bees in shortly for end of May – if you have order packages, expect an email soon.

Overwintered Bees Update – 22nd March

Well, what a difference this season is compared to last year.   We had Supers filling up on the hives by the end of March 2017, this year so far we have yet to even do a full inspection on the hives.   We’ve escaped the worst of the snow that hit the rest of the UK but temperatures have been bitterly cold and there has been little activity from the hives.   However, things are starting to look up, peaking underneath the crownboards, we can see bees are starting to expand and the weather (dare i say it) seems to be getting better now.

Looking forward, we have penciled in collections/deliveries for the first ‘bee week’, between 30th April till 12th May   This should give us time to get the nucs and full colonies cleaned and checked over ready for everyone.   We’ll contact everyone around beginning of April to arrange which day they would like to book in.    I don’t want to start booking in too early incase weather delays us but i’m quietly sure of the dates.   We’ll contact you via Email or Phone call.

Packages – If you have ordered package bees, they are due in May and we’ll contact you end of April to arrange collection of those.

Final Week of Poly Sale

Final week left of our poly hive sale so ideal time to stock up on any extra equipment that you need ready for next year (or even this year, our poly crownboards are great for feeding fondant over the Winter).   Not only are you saving now but poly prices are due to rise after the sale too as the cost of the polystyrene material has increased this year so they are the best price they will ever be.nuc1_small